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Automation Measuring Systems Producers Association ( AMSPA )

Our mission and goals:

  • represent and protect the automatic measuring systems manufacturers interests, Association members
  • provide information support to manufacturers and users of automatic measuring systems and improve their qualification skills
  • popularize automatic measurements in the enterprises
  • take part in the creation and development of regulatory documentation in the field of automatic measuring systems
  • coordinate professionals’ community for experiences exchange and joint projects implementation

Participation in the Association will provide the following opportunities:

Manufacturers of automatic measuring systems are able:

  • publish information about their solutions and products
  • acquaint with current research and publications
  • receive information about related goods and services
  • post jobs
  • jointly participate in exhibitions and conferences
  • conduct joint research and developments
  • develop standards jointly

Users of automatic measuring systems:

  • find information about qualified professionals on the site
  • consult an expert
  • complete a course for industrial analysis basics and get a certificate
  • order the development of a technical solution or standard

Manufacturers of related products or services:

  • publish information about their services and products

Automatic measurement specialists:

  • find useful information on our website to improve professional qualification
  • proffer services to potential employers

Everyone interested are able:

  • learn about news and upcoming events in the field of automatic measurements
  • leave a request for the development of standards and solutions
  • offer own articles for publication on the website
  • discuss important topics on the site’s forum
  • read relevant regulatory documentation

We invite everyone interested to take part in our project!

Office 4, korp. 3, buld. 10, Suzdalskay str., Moscow, Russia, 111673  / +7 (499) 450-51-10